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Message from the founder

With solid experience in the main IT sectors including development, technology, versioning and web / multimedia, in companies ranging from PME to multinationals. This experience provides the company with strong support in these various activities. Passionate about security, embedded systems and the diffusion of media with a deep taste for technology watch.


My values

My organization is based on a set of values ​​more than ever necessary to meet the expectations and challenges of my clients.


My vision for the future

Computer science covers the field of concepts and various techniques used for the automatic processing of information. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence seem to be the future of computing. But even decentralization and automation of processes, even intelligent ones, implies that security will be one of the great cornerstones of the future
Cloud computing
Imagine connecting to powerful computers to do your everyday tasks no matter where you are. A smartphone as pleasing as a laptop.
Imagine your protected space connected by an indecipherable tunnel and whose state of health is constantly monitored to avoid any problem.


Why choose me

The world is moving fast since the man walked on the moon. At 7 years old I dreamed of a wireless remote control machine. Since then, I have not stopped seeing in the future. Around me everything is automated leaving me more leisure and I dream of a simple and friendly world where all people getting up in the morning is happy to go to work thanks to the simplicity of the tools and the help that will have at his disposal.
Very small child, I transformed my toys into other toys always eager for new shapes and features. In 1969, at the age of 7, I was already dreaming of a modern world that would no longer be connected by threads. I spent my 14 years doing electronic editing because assembling different components for a single result pleased me. The arrival of smart cards for satellite television gave me ideas of sharing. In 1980, I already saw myself on a screen thanks to another component. And communication made me discover the inner world of CERN via their BBS.

Since then, I have not ceased to anticipate the future as much by virtualization, dynamic websites, mobile infrastructure, inter-social communication, the diffusion of the media, so that everyone around me can enjoy a maximum of what modern times offer on a daily basis.

It is in this state of mind that I approach you so that you are proud of your projects. The best reference is the one my clients.
Cybersecurity is about protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. The term is broad and encompasses everything from computer security to disaster recovery and user training.

Cyber ​​security relies on cryptographic protocols used to encrypt e-mails, files and other sensitive data. This not only protects the information that is transmitted, but also protects against loss or theft. User security software scans computers for malicious code, quarantines them, and removes them from the machine. In more extreme cases, for example during a boot sector infection, these programs are capable of cleaning a computer in depth.

I do not redefine security, but apply my knowledge since 1980 in this area.
In 1978 there were only acoustic couplers to communicate at 300 bauds and Dos mode as an interface. But all communities combined, White or Black peoples used the Bulletin Board System as a communication interface. This system consists of a server equipped with software offering the services of message exchange, storage and exchange of files, games via one or more modems connected to phone lines.

Invented by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau at the end of the 1980s in Switzerland at Cern, the Web comes down to this tool that allows browsing, through a browser, pages of websites (or websites). It is only a part of what the Internet really means, including e-mail applications and P2P file sharing, among others.

Being from the beginning in this world of exchange, I am a solid stone of this building that I put at your disposal. The Web is one of your communication tools.
E-commerce or e-commerce brings together all commercial transactions operating remotely through electronic and digital interfaces. E-commerce essentially includes commercial transactions taking place on the Internet from different types of terminals (computers, tablets, smartphones, consoles, connected TVs). E-commerce has become the main channel of distance selling which explains the replacement of the term "mail order" by that of "distance selling".

In 2017, in Switzerland, three out of four people made at least one online purchase, is 4.9 million people or 72% of the population aged 15 to 88 years. Seven years ago, the proportion was only one in two Swiss, according to a study of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO) published Monday.

With InfoConnect, you can build customer loyalty and increase revenue with these solutions.
The word consultant is vague. Every person who has a job can be a consultant. Only experience in one or more fields can value this term.

As you have read in the different profiles I practice, you have a wide range of my computer skills. Only the sales part has not been raised. But since this is my base of my professional life, CFC sales, I would have no problem getting you to communicate.

If we take over some figures, more than 6 years in the banks, more than thirty years in the IT department and infrastructure. More than twenty years in multimedia and the Web and since 1978 in computer security.

And as I am curious and I love challenges, no project scares me because there is always a solution. InfoConnect your solution or money back, this is my motto.

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