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To ensure the reactivity of its infrastructure and the relevance of the choice of solutions that will have to support its growth as well as its growth, I take into account various elements :

Application performance and storage :

Its response time, evolution and dynamic data storage to avoid any break in production.

The scalability of the infrastructure and its activity :

I make sure that there is no drop in performance following the change and especially no stop during production.

Standardization of access and security :

Your portal will have all access to one place for your employees and customers. They will be extremely reliable and secure.

Websites and ecommerce (multi-language)

I use ready-made products, a guarantee of evolution and low prices, but adjustable according to your wishes. They will be housed in one of the 7 best data centers in Europe. I have been working with them since 1998 date of my first website.
Custom made95%


Many societies need continual help in various fields. With 40 years of experience in IT I gave them a precious help to their development in the following sectors :
- Various start-up
- Import-Export
- Armament (quality control)
- Medical
- State institution and cummunale
- Maritime transport
- Travel
- Services Society
- Bank
- Retail business
All ask me to secure, back up, maintain, develop, upgrade their infrastructure and management software.

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